(a)   No teen nightclub shall be located on premises used at any time during the week or weekend as an adult nightclub or as a facility to serve alcoholic beverages.  If otherwise permitted to be located in the same premises as an adult nightclub, no teen nightclub shall be operated within 12 hours of the operation of an adult nightclub on the same premises, nor shall an adult nightclub be operated within 12 hours of the operation of a teen nightclub on the same premises.
   (b)   Subject to the provisions of subparagraph (a) above, a teen nightclub may only be located on the same premises with another licensed business if: 
      (1)   All businesses on the premises comply with the provisions of this chapter relating to teen nightclubs; or
      (2)   The teen nightclub is physically segregated from the space used by the other businesses and has a separate entrance into the building which is exclusively for the use of its patrons; or
      (3)   Only one business operates at a time on the premises, and the premises are closed altogether for not less than one hour between the close of one business operation and the opening of another.
         (Ord. 2009-7.  Passed 2-3-09.)