(a)   All rooming houses in existence January 1, 2007, shall register with the Chief Building and Zoning Inspector of the City on or before January 30, 2007.  Registration shall be on a form supplied by the Chief Building and Zoning Inspector.  Thereafter, the owner or operator shall register annually during the month of January each succeeding year.  Each rooming house shall pay a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) per year.
   (b)   Every rooming house shall provide the following information each year:
      (1)   A layout sketch drawn to scale, showing the dimensions of the rooms to let and the facilities.
      (2)   A statement specifying the maximum number of tenants that will be permitted in the rooming house.
      (3)   The name of the person in charge of managing or operating the rooming house, which person must actually reside in the rooming house and which shall have full knowledge of the location of and access to all utility meters, shut-off valves, switches, furnaces, water heaters, air- conditioners, exhaust fans and clean-out plug locations.
      (4)   Any change made during the registered year that modifies the information required in (1), (2) or (3) above shall be reported to the Chief Building and Zoning Inspector.
   (c)   Every rooming house shall be subject to an annual inspection by the Chief Building and Zoning Inspector, and such inspection shall be completed prior to the annual registration.
(Ord. 2020-21.  Passed 2-18-20.)