(a)    No provision of this Building Code shall be interpreted to require licenses, registration or certificates of qualification for officials or employees of public utility organizations to engage in the installation, alteration, repair, maintenance or utilization of any device, appliance, installation or appurtenance forming part of the equipment for generation, transmission or distribution of any commodity or service which such public utility organization is authorized by law to furnish or provide.
   (b)    Electrical utility companies holding active franchises within the City shall be permitted to install outdoor illumination lights on private properly pursuant to contract or agreement with the owner or person in charge thereof without obtaining any permits from the City and without the necessity of having licensed electricians as defined herein, provided that such installation is performed at all times by the utility company using its personnel regularly employed on a full-time basis. No such utility company shall be permitted to assign or subcontract all or any portion of such outdoor lighting installation of any light or lights which may create a nuisance to adjoining residents or inhabitants, or to any light or lights which may create a hazardous condition in the community.
(Ord. 1995-21. Passed 2-7-95.)