Exterior Property Maintenance Code
1309.01   Title.
1309.02   Findings and declaration of policy.
1309.03   Purposes.
1309.04   Definitions.
1309.05   Applicability.
1309.06   Owner, operator and occupant duties and responsibilities.
1309.07   Owner and operator duties and responsibilities.
1309.08   Exterior appearance of premises and structures.
1309.09   Freedom from infestation.
1309.10   Administrative provisions.
1309.11   Where access by inspectors is refused.
1309.12   Procedure where violation is discovered.
1309.13   Power to vary or modify provisions.
1309.14   Right to hearing where application is denied.
1309.15   Application not to constitute a defense or stay.
1309.16   Record of variations or modifications granted.
1309.17   Application for inspection.
1309.18   Application for status report.
1309.19   Inspection and status report fees.
1309.20   Certificate of necessity.
1309.21   Issuance of certificate and conditions.
1309.22   Procedure where access is refused.
1309.23   Severability.
1309.99   Penalty. (Repealed)
Health, safety and sanitation - see GEN. OFF. Ch. 521
Residential Code of Ohio for One, Two and Three Family Dwellings - see BLDG. Ch. 1301
Ohio Building Code - see BLDG. Ch. 1303