(a)    No person shall sell or offer for sale at any filling station, garage or other place where regular or unleaded gasoline is delivered directly into the fuel supply tank of internal combustion engines in motor vehicles, any regular or unleaded gasoline unless such seller posts and keeps continuously posted on the individual pump or other dispensing device from which such gasoline is sold or offered for sale, a sign or placard not less than fifteen and three-fourths inches (forty centimeters) in height and nineteen and three-fourths inches (fifty centimeters) in width nor larger than twenty-three and five-eighths inches (sixty centimeters) in height and twenty-seven and one-half inches (seventy centimeters) in width and stating clearly and legibly in numerals, all of which shall be of uniform size, the selling price per gallon of such gasoline so sold or offered for sale from such pump or other dispensing device. All numerals used to display the total selling price including those denoting tenths or other fractions of a cent, shall be at least eleven and three-fourths inches (thirty centimeters) in height, at least four and one-fourth inches (eleven centimeters) in width and shall have a stroke width of at least one and one-fourth inches (three and one-half centimeters).
   (b)    The sign specified in subsection (a) hereof may, at the option of the person subject to this section, be displayed closer than the pump or other dispensing device to the street or streets contiguous to the place of business so that such sign is visible therefrom. In the event such place of business is located on a corner lot, no such person shall fail to erect a separate display, as prescribed in this section, for each frontage area. The price of regular and unleaded gasoline sold must be separately posted. The sign and display required by this section shall be allowed in excess of any area limitations on signs imposed by any other section of these Codified Ordinances, and when located closer to the street than the pump or other dispensing device, no part of any such sign shall obstruct the line of sight required for safe ingress and egress to and from such place of business.
   In the event any filling station uses a grade of gasoline which is required to be price posted under this section and such station is supplied by the refiner of the products sold with a standard type pricing sign utilized throughout the area by such refiner or by a chain marketing such products, then such sign so supplied may be used even though the same may not conform to the sizes specified in subsection (a) hereof so long as the same is reasonably visible from the right of way fronting the premises.
(Bill 1976-233.  Passed 10-5-76.)