(a)    No vehicle covered by the terms of this chapter shall be licensed until it has been:
(1)    Inspected and examined for safety by the State of Ohio, Division of Highway Patrol, or another law enforcement agency selected by the Director of Public Safety, and certified as having passed the inspection; and
(2)    Inspected, examined, and passed inspection for compliance with this chapter by the Transportation and Traffic Division.
   The Police Department may and is hereby authorized to establish reasonable standards for taxicab inspections which may include, but are not limited to:
(3)    Establishing and conducting a program of annual service and maintenance of such taxicabs and providing proof of compliance;
(4)    Inspection of the taxicab for dangerous structural or mechanical conditions which may cause harm to the occupants;
(5)    The inclusion of approved seatbelts for the total number of occupants of such taxicabs; and
(6)    Compliance with the requirements of this chapter.
   Inspections under this subsection shall be performed by or at the direction of a law enforcement officer or an employee of the Department of Public Service.
(Ord. 1999-23. Passed 1-19-99.)