(a)    Every taxicab driven by mechanical power and capable of seating at least three passengers shall have affixed thereto a taximeter of a size and design approved by the Director of Public Safety.
   (b)    The taximeter attached to any taxicab shall be inspected by the Department of Public Safety at reasonable periods and if at any time is found to be inaccurate then the license issued for such taxicab shall be suspended until the inaccuracy is corrected. No license for the operation of a taxicab shall be issued unless and until the taximeter is attached and installed and upon inspection found to be accurate.
   (c)    Any taximeter which shall record or measure within five percent of absolute accuracy shall, for the purpose of this section, be considered accurate. A deviation of more than five percent from absolute accuracy shall be considered inaccurate herein.
   (d)    No taximeter shall be operated from any wheel of the vehicle to which the power is applied.
   (e)    The face of every taximeter shall at all times be illuminated by sufficient light so arranged that the same may be clearly visible to passengers. Such illumination shall be continuous.
   (f)    No person shall use or permit to be used or driven for hire a taxicab equipped with a taximeter the case of which is unsealed or not having its cover and gear intact.
(Ord. 1970-136. Passed 5-4-71.)