No taxicab driver shall:
(a)    Drive a taxicab while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse or ingest any alcohol or any drug of abuse whatsoever while transporting passengers;
(b)    Allow any taxicab to be used for immoral purposes;
(Ord. 1999-23. Passed 1-19-99.)
(c)    Charge more than the rates fixed by this chapter;
(Ord. 1970-136. Passed 5-4-71.)
(d)    Fail, neglect or refuse to turn in to the Chief of Police, within twenty-four hours, all the lost articles found in the taxicab;
(e)    Drive or operate a taxicab upon any street of the City, unless the owner thereof is operating pursuant to a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity;
(f)   Use any portion of the streets as a taxicab stand or permit a taxicab in his charge to stand upon any portion of the streets, except for such times as are necessary to load or unload passengers and except in such portion of the streets as has been set apart by the Director of Public Safety as taxicab stands and allotted to the particular taxicab in question;
(g)    Fail to notify the Chief of Police within twelve hours after an accident, giving the time and location of the accident, the name of any person injured, the condition of the injured, the character of the injury as far as known and, in case of property damage, a description of the property and the estimated amount of such damage;
(h)    Travel up and down the streets seeking customers, commonly called “cruising”;
(i)    Receive and discharge passengers at any place other than the curb in any section of the City;
(j)    Permit passengers to enter or leave, except at the side thereof nearest the curb;
(k)    Exceed the seating capacity of the car as shown by the application filed with the Mayor; and
(l)    Drive a taxicab during the period of one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise, unless the interior thereof is effectually illuminated.
(Ord. 1952-34. Passed 7-14-52.)