Upon receipt of the initial application or a subsequent application to amend a Certificate and whenever the applicant has complied with all the conditions and regulations relating to the filing of his application, it shall be the duty of the Director to fix a date for a hearing on such application, which shall not be less than thirty days from the date of filing. The Director shall forward a notice thereof to Council at its next regular meeting. Notice of the hearing shall be given to all persons interested, including the operators of all other taxicabs in the City, at least five days before the date set for such hearing.
   At the hearing, the Director, or his designate, shall receive information and argument as to the need or desirability of allowing another taxicab business in the City, with respect to the public convenience and necessity, from the applicant and from other persons who may appear on their own behalf or through an attorney. From such information and argument, and from such additional information as may have been obtained through independent investigation, the Director shall determine whether public convenience and necessity require the issuance of the Certificate applied for.
(Ord. 1999-23. Passed 1-19-99.)