(a)    Any person applying for a license under Section 749.01 shall apply in writing on a form prescribed by the Chief of Police, which form shall be available only at the office of the Police Station, stating the applicant's name, birthday, citizenship, physical description, current residence, residences for the preceding ten years, current employment, employment for the preceding seven years, experience, qualifications and location of each and any of such applicant’s offices within the State. The application shall be accompanied by:
(1)    A recent full-face photograph of the applicant;
(2)    A set of fingerprints of the applicant to be made by the Division of Police of the City; and
(3)    A current and valid license issued by the State under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4749.
   (b)    The Chief, upon receipt of such application, shall cause the pertinent data on the applicant's license issued by the State under Ohio R.C. 4749.03 to be noted on the application, and such license issued by the State shall then be returned to the applicant. The Chief shall then verify the applicant's information noted on the application as to the issuance of the State license. The applicant shall then be issued a license in a form to be determined by the Chief, which license shall authorize the licensee to engage in the business of a private investigator and shall bear an expiration date coterminous with that of the license issued by the State.
   (c)    The license issued by the City shall be renewable at the expiration thereof upon the presentation of proof that the license issued by the State has been renewed or reissued and is in force and effect. No license renewal shall be issued for a period longer than that of the current valid State license.
(Bill 1976-250. Passed 10-19-76.)