(a)    In addition to all of the right and powers reserved or pertaining to the City, the City reserves as an additional and as a separate and distinct power, the right to terminate the franchise and all rights and privileges of a grantee hereunder in any of the following events or for any of the following reasons:
(1)    A grantee shall, by act or omission, violate any term or condition of this chapter and shall within thirty days following written demand by the City to effect such compliance fail to do so.
(2)    Any provisions of this chapter that shall be finally adjudged by a court of law invalid or unenforceable and Council further finds that such provision constitutes, at that time, a consideration material to the continuation of the franchise herein granted.
(3)    Grantee becomes insolvent, unable or unwilling to pay its debts or is adjudged bankrupt or if all or part of grantee's facilities should be  sold under an instrument to secure a debt and are not redeemable by grantee within thirty days from such sale.
(4)    A grantee attempts to or does practice any fraud or deceit in its conduct or relations under the franchise with the City or subscribers or potential subscribers.
   (b)    No revocations shall be effected unless or until Council shall have adopted an ordinance setting forth the causes and reasons for the revocation and the effective date thereof. Such ordinance shall not be adopted without thirty days prior notice to a grantee and an opportunity for a grantee to be heard upon the proposed action of such proposed ordinance. In the event the revocation and the ordinance depends upon a finding of fact, such finding of fact as made by Council after the hearing provided for shall be conclusive, provided the grantee may submit such findings to a Court of competent jurisdiction.
(Ord. 1980-88. Passed 4-15-80.)