All franchises granted pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to the following provisions and any franchise granted hereunder shall be subject to the right of the City to:
(a)    Repeal the same for misuse, nonuse or the failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter or any other local, State or federal laws, or F.C.C. rules or regulations.
(b)    Establish reasonable standards of service and quality of production and to prevent unjust discrimination in service or rates.
(c)    Require continuous and uninterrupted service to the public in accordance with the terms of the franchise throughout the entire period thereof.
(d)    Impose such other regulations as may be determined by Council to be conducive  to the safety, welfare and accommodations of the public.
(e)    Install and maintain without charge, its own equipment upon the franchisee's poles, including, but not limited to equipment for a police alarm system, upon the condition that such equipment shall not interfere with the operations of the franchisee.
(Ord. 1980-88. Passed 4-15-80.)