(a)    Upon application of the franchisee, Council shall amend this chapter or the franchise whenever necessary to enable the franchisee to take advantage of any developments in the field of transmission of communication signals which will afford it an opportunity to more effectively, efficiently or economically serve its customers; provided, however, that this section shall not be construed to require the City to make any amendments or to prohibit it from unilaterally changing its policies as stated herein. If, in the future, the franchisee adds additional services to its communications system, then in that event, such service and the rate to be charged shall first be approved by Council.
   (b)    Should the F.C.C. amend or modify 76.31 of its regulations, the City shall incorporate such amendments or modifications into its franchise within one year of the F.C.C. amendments or modifications, or at such time the franchise is renewed, whichever occurs first. (Ord. 1980-88.  Passed 4-15-80.)