729.14  OPERATION.
   (a)    Operations shall be considered commenced with the bona fide retransmission and amplification of television signals on a regular basis. Upon reasonable request for service by any person located within the City, the company shall, within sixty days, furnish requested service to such person. If the company requires a time extension to be granted by the City, the same must be made in writing to the City no later than thirty days after the request is made, but the City shall be under no obligation to permit an extension.
   (b)    Initial minimum forty channel capacity of the system shall be utilized as follows:
(1)    Fourteen VHF and UHF channels required by F.C.C.
(2)    Four public channels:
1 - Public Access
1 - Governmental Access
1- Educational Access
1 - Governmental CCTV
(3)    One educational purpose channel
(4)    Two company channels:
1 - Time and Weather
1- Location Origination
   (c)    For the presentation of programming on public channels, the company shall allocate time on a first-come, first-served basis, except that the company shall endeavor to allocate such channel time to as many different persons as is practical. In order that there be a maximum opportunity for freedom of expression by members of the public, such programming shall be free from any control by the company as to program content, except those regulations imposed by the F.C.C.
   (d)    The use of additional channels shall be based upon plans developed and mutually agreed upon, and modified from time to time as required, by the company and the City.
   (e)    The company shall provide basic service to one terminal in the City Hall and in all Court Houses, prisons, reformatories, detention centers, hospitals, police and fire stations, all public, private and parochial schools and publicly owned day care centers located in the City without any charge therefor.
   (f)    In the event of an emergency situation, as determined by the City, the City may interrupt signals otherwise being distributed by the company for the delivery of signals necessitated by such emergency.
   (g)    In the operation of its system, the company shall not interfere in any way with the signals of any electrical system located in buildings which house any part of the system, and shall not deprive an inhabitant of any building, by contract or otherwise, of any existing right he may have to utilize an individual or master antenna for the purpose of receiving television signals. In addition the company shall not utilize any master antenna distribution system for distribution of its signal unless permitted by concurrence of the City.
   (h)    The company shall put, keep and maintain all parts of the system in good condition throughout the term of the franchise.
   (i)    The company shall respond to all service calls and correct malfunctions as promptly as possible, but in all events within twenty-four hours after notice thereof. For that purpose the company shall maintain a competent resident staff of employees sufficient to provide adequate and prompt service to its subscribers. Any calls received during normal working hours, shall be serviced the same day.
   (j)    Except where there exists an emergency situation necessitating a more expedited procedure, the company may interrupt service for the purpose of repair or upgrading of the system, only during periods of minimum use, and only after forty-eight hours minimum notice to subscribers.
   (k)    Studio time shall be available to the City in an emergency upon one hour notice.
   (l)    All construction concerning the production facilities above and beyond approval of the normal construction channels shall be approved by the City.
(Ord. 1980-88.  Passed 4-15-80.)