(a)    The company shall make arrangements so that its system shall be capable of transmitting at least forty channels for delivery to residential subscribers as soon as the system becomes operable.
   (b)    The company shall provide all residential subscribers to basic service with a converter for each outlet having a capacity of at least forty channels.
   (c)    The company shall extend the installation of cables, amplifiers and related equipment throughout the City as rapidly as is practicable. Within two years from the effective date of the franchise, the company's trunk line, installation of cables, amplifiers and related equipment shall be capable of providing basic service to every City dwelling unit.
   (d)    The company will be required to interconnect its system with any other broadband communications facility operating in an adjacent territory. Such interconnection shall be made within sixty days from the date of request. The City shall have the responsibility of coordinating such interconnections to insure technical compatibility between the systems to be interconnected. For good cause shown the company may request and the City may grant reasonable extensions of time to comply with the requirements.
   (e)    The company shall provide all facilities necessary to pick up the signals of City channels and transmit them throughout the system from a studio located within the City.
   (f)    The company shall undertake any reasonable construction and installation as may be necessary to keep pace with the latest developments in the state of the art, whether with respect to increasing channel capacity, furnishing improved converters, instituting two-way services or otherwise.
(Ord. 1980-88. Passed 4-15-80.)