(a)    The company shall maintain a local office for so long as it continues to operate the system or any portion thereof and hereby designates such office as the place where all notices, directions, orders and requests may be served or delivered under the franchise agreement.
   (b)    The company shall keep complete and accurate books of account and records of its business and operations under and in connection with this franchise.
   (c)    The Director of Finance or representative thereof, shall have access to all books of account and records of the company for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any and all reports and may examine its officers and employees under oath in respect thereto.
   (d)    Any false entry in the books of account or records of the company, or false statements in the reports to the Director as to a material fact, knowingly made by the company, shall constitute the breach of a material provision of the franchise agreement.
   (e)    All copyrights, franchises, contracts and/or legal agreements with program sources shall be filed with the City.
   (f)    All leased channel agreements shall be filed with the City.
   (g)    The grantee shall keep a record of installation of each subscriber terminal as per technical standards found in Section 76.605 of the F.C.C. rules and regulations and of all complaints from subscribers. The record shall identify the subscriber and his address, the location and date of his complaint, and a technician's report on the disposition of the complaint including the following items as applicable:
(1)    Carrier levels at the service drop terminal.
(2)    Carrier levels and carrier to noise ratio at the customer's receiving outlet. (Note: since interruption of service to other customers must be avoided, it is recognized these noise measurements may not be entirely accurate).
(3)    If the complaint is caused by defects in customer's TV set, including inadequate shielding or grounding, explain.
(4)    If the complaint involves direct pick-up, describe tests to determine whether there is leakage into the cable system.
(5)    Make and model and effectiveness of the antenna switch installed, if any.
(6)    If the complaint involves visible crosshatch or herringbone interference, describe fully, including probable causes and corrective steps. (Note: such interference may also be present on signals received directly without cable.)
(7)    Visual check for cross-modulation, without interrupting service to customers.
(8)    Check for problems originating at the head-set.
(9)    Other relevant remarks, including corrective action taken.
   Upon request of the City, grantee shall, within ten days after receiving such request, send a written report with respect to any complaint. Such report shall provide a full explanation of the investigation, findings and corrective steps taken. When the complaint concerns technical performance, such report shall include the items listed in subsections (g)(1) through (9) hereof, as applicable.
(Ord. 1980-88. Passed 4-15-80.)