(A)   A defendant convicted of a misdemeanor offense in Municipal Court shall pay a $3 security fee as cost of court.
   (B)   The Municipal Court Clerk shall collect the $3 security fee as cost and pay them to the City Treasurer for deposit in a fund to be known as the Municipal Court Building Security Fund.  This Fund shall be used only to finance the following items when used for the purpose of providing security services for the building that houses a Municipal Court as appropriate:
      (1)   The purchase or repair of x-ray machines and conveying systems;
      (2)   Handheld metal detectors;
      (3)   Walk-through metal detectors;
      (4)   Identification cards and systems;
      (5)   Electronic locking and surveillance equipment;
      (6)   Bailiffs, deputy sheriffs, deputy constables, or contract security personnel during times when they are providing appropriate security services;
      (7)   Signage;
      (8)   Confiscated weapon inventory and tracking systems;
      (9)   Locks, chains, or other security hardware; or
      (10)   Continuing education on security issues for court personnel and security personnel.
   (C)   The effective date of this section will be 10-1-1997.
(Ord. 97-0916, passed 9-16-1997)