(A)   Discharges requiring a trap include:
      (1)   Grease or waste containing grease in excessive amounts;
      (2)   Oil;
      (3)   Sand;
      (4)   Flammable wastes; and
      (5)   Other harmful ingredients.
   (B)   Any person responsible for discharges requiring a trap shall at his or her own expense and as required by the approving authority:
      (1)   Provide equipment and facilities of a type and capacity approved by the approving authority;
      (2)   Locate the trap in a manner that provides ready and easy accessibility for cleaning and inspection; and
      (3)   Maintain the trap in effective operating condition.
   (C)   The minimum required size of an exterior grease trap is 1,000 gallons.
   (D)   All construction/installation must be done in accordance with the latest adopted version of the International Plumbing Code and Drainage Institute for sizing.
   (E)   Existing restaurants/food handling facilities are not exempt from the grease trap requirement.
(Ord. 75-717A, passed 7-17-1975; Ord. 17-1017A, passed 10-17-2017)  Penalty, see § 52.99