(A)   All lots must front on or abut a public or private street. Alleys are not considered streets for purposes of this provision.
   Private streets are allowed only if approved through the planned unit development (PUD) approval process.
   (B)   Residential lots may not front onto state and county roadways or onto any proposed major thoroughfare designated by the County Transportation Framework Plan.
   (C)   (1)   Double-frontage (also known as “through” lots) lots are prohibited except where necessary to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation, and where a limited access highway, railroad right-of-way, major street or similar situation exists, in which case double-frontage lots may be allowed if a suitable landscape screen is provided in accordance with the minimum standards of § 154.232 and placed within a non-access reservation adjacent to the right-of-way.
      (2)   Double-frontage lots must have adequate depth to allow the establishment of a front setback along all abutting streets.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009)