(A)   All lots must comply with minimum depth, width and area requirements of the County Zoning Ordinance. Lots must also comply with all requirements of the County Sewage Treatment and Disposal Ordinance, as administered and enforced by the County Health Department.
   (B)   The size, shape and orientation of lots must be appropriate for the location of the subdivision, and for the type of development and use contemplated.
   (C)   Excessive lot depth in relation to lot width is prohibited. A ratio of two and one-half to one (depth to width) is the recommended maximum.
   (D)   Lot width must be measured at the minimum building setback line. Minimum lot width may be reduced 10% for lots fronting on the bulb of a cul-de-sac, provided that the lot complies with minimum area requirements of the County Zoning Ordinance and County Sewage Treatment and Disposal Ordinance.
   (E)   The minimum depth of any lot may not be less than 90 feet, measured from any point on the front lot line to any point on the rear lot line.
   (F)   Corner lots must be laid out to permit compliance with front building setback requirements on all sides of the lot abutting a street.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009)