(A)   Developers (subdividers) are responsible for the construction, installation and maintenance of the following improvements in accordance with the standards of this chapter in addition to any applicable federal, state, county or municipal standards:
      (1)   All streets within the subdivision and improvements to existing streets required for safe and adequate access to the subdivision as may be required by this chapter;
      (2)   Street signs;
      (3)   Sidewalks and pedestrian facilities;
      (4)   Water supply and wastewater systems, other than individual wells and individual sewage disposal systems;
      (5)   Surface drainage, storm sewers and drainage easements;
      (6)   Stormwater management devices and easements;
      (7)   Erosion and sedimentation control devices;
      (8)   Utilities and utility easements;
      (9)   Survey monuments (at all lot corners and points of curvature in accordance with ILCS Ch. 765, Act 205 (Plat Act));
      (10)   Street lights;
      (11)   Landscaping; and
      (12)   Any other on- or off-site improvements required by this subchapter or required at the time of plat approval.
   (B)   If the subdivider files a final plat for only a portion of the subdivision for which a preliminary plat was approved, the improvements required to be constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with that final plat must be those improvements that the Chief Subdivision Engineer deems necessary to serve the lots shown on the final plat.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009)