(A)   The Will County Treasurer shall maintain the following special funds for the administration of the various court fees.
      (1)   Circuit Court Automation Fund;
      (2)   Circuit Clerk Document Storage Fund;
      (3)   Circuit Clerk Operations and Administration Fund;
      (4)   Sheriff-Court Security Fund;
      (5)   Child Advocacy Center Fund;
      (6)   State's Attorney Records Automation Fund;
      (7)   Public Defender Records Automation Fund;
      (8)   County Jail Medical Costs Fund;
      (9)   Probation and Court Services Fund;
      (10)   Neutral Site Exchange Fund;
      (11)   CASA Fund;
      (12)   Problem Solving Courts Fund;
      (13)   Judicial Facilities Construction Fund;
      (14)   Public Act 100-987 General Fund.
   (B)   The repeal of Ordinances 07-08, 14-123, 15-23 and Resolution 08-506 shall not operate to eliminate the revenue currently maintained in the various funds created under those ordinances. The Will County Treasurer shall maintain those funds and carry the current balances forward, crediting those funds as provided by this chapter, court order and by Public Act 100-0987 and debiting in compliance with the then current budget and properly executed department authorizations.
   (C)   The current Drug Grant Fund shall be renamed the Problem Solving Courts Fund.
(Ord. 19-145, passed 6-20-2019)