§ 114.075  PLAN REVIEW.
   (A)   Review of construction or remodeling plans. 
      (1)   Whenever a food establishment is constructed or remodeled, and whenever an existing structure is converted for such use, properly prepared plans and specifications shall be submitted to the Health Authority for review and approval before construction, remodeling or conversion is begun. The plans and specifications shall include the menu, facility layout, equipment layout, mechanical plans, finish materials, specifications sheets for all proposed equipment, and a HACCP plan if applicable. A plan review fee, based on the fee schedule as indicated in Appendix A will be charged for all reviews, with the exception of food pantries.  Plan review fees are non- refundable.
      (2)   The Health Authority shall approve the plans and specifications if they meet the requirements of this chapter. No building permit for any such construction or remodeling shall be issued until and unless the Health Authority has given approval in writing to the plans for such construction or remodeling.
   (B)   HACCP plan review.  A food establishment shall submit a HACCP plan prior to commencing reduced oxygen packaging utilizing sous vide or the cook/chill method. The Health Authority shall review a submitted HACCP plan and shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision to approve or deny the HACCP plan as submitted by the food establishment, provided all conditions of this chapter are met including payment of fee (see Appendix A ), and submission of supporting data. HACCP plan review fees are non-refundable.
   (C)   Pre-operational inspection.  Whenever plans and specifications are required by this chapter to be submitted to the Health Authority, the Health Authority shall inspect the food establishment prior to the start of operations to determine compliance with the approved plans and specifications and with the requirements of this chapter.
   (D)   Food establishments outside jurisdiction of the Will County Health Department.  Food prepared for human consumption outside of Will County and transported into Will County shall conform to the standards and provisions of this chapter. To determine the extent of compliance with such provisions, the Health Authority may accept reports from the regulating health authorities where such establishments are located.
(Ord. 17-276, passed 10-19-2017; Ord. 18-326, passed 11-15-2018)  Penalty, see § 114.999