(A)   Purpose. The SP-PO Parks and Open Space district is a special purpose zoning district that is intended to help preserve and protect lands set aside for park and open space use. Such areas and facilities provide many benefits to county residents and visitors. They provide cultural and recreation opportunities; preserve natural and scenic areas; protect sensitive natural resource areas; and offer refuge from the built, urban environment. The SP-PO district is intended to be applied to public parks and open space lands under the jurisdiction of the forest preserve district or other county, state or federal government agencies. The SP-PO district may be applied to privately owned lands only with the private property owner's consent.
   (B)   Allowed uses. Principal uses are allowed in the SP-PO zoning district in accordance with the regulations of Article 155-7 (Allowed Uses).
   (C)   Lot and building regulations.
      (1)   General. This section establishes basic lot and building regulations that apply in special purpose zoning districts. These regulations offer certainty for property owners, developers and neighbors about the limits of what is allowed; they are not to be construed as a guarantee that maximum allowed densities and development yields can be achieved on every lot. Other factors, such as topography, the presence of protected resources, health department requirements for well and septic, off-street parking, landscaping requirements and other factors may further limit actual development potential.
      (2)   Basic standards. The lot and building standards of the following table apply to all principal and accessory uses allowed in special purpose zoning districts, except as otherwise expressly stated in this zoning ordinance. General exceptions to these standards and rules for measuring compliance can be found in § 155-18.10.
Lot and Building Standards
Lot and Building Standards
Minimum Lot Area (square feet)
Minimum Lot Frontage (feet)
Minimum Setbacks (feet)
   Street (from CL of non-dedicated road)
   Street (from ROW of dedicated road)
Maximum Building Height (feet)
Maximum Building Coverage (%)
[1]   Maximum height of 35 feet for buildings within 200 feet of any residential district//maximum height of 75 feet for buildings located more than 200 feet from residential zoning district.
   (D)   Other regulations. Uses and development in the SP-PO district may be subject to other regulations and standards, including the following:
      (1)   Nonconformities. See Article 155-15.
      (2)   Accessory uses. See § 155-10.10.
      (3)   Parking and loading. See Article 155-11.
      (4)   Landscaping and screening. See Article 155-12.
      (5)   Signs. See Article 155-13.
      (6)   Temporary uses. See § 155-10.20.
      (7)   Outdoor lighting. See § 155-14.110.
(Ord. effective 10-1-2012)