(A)   Before any portion of a sewage treatment or disposal system installed or repaired by a licensed septic installer or homeowner is covered and/or placed in operation, an inspection and approval must first be obtained from the Health Authority. Incremental inspections of a new septic system installed by a homeowner are required by the Health Authority with the initial inspection consisting of the tank and first line installation only.  In addition the Health Authority may inquire incremental or partial inspections of septic systems installed or repaired by a homeowner or a licensed septic installer.
   (B)   The Health Authority shall be allowed to inspect or investigate the installation of a sewage treatment or disposal system whenever it is deemed necessary. If in the opinion of the Health Authority the construction should cease due to violation of this chapter, the Health Authority is authorized to order the construction to cease. The resuming of construction shall not take place until written approval is received from the Health Authority.
   (C)   It is the responsibility of the owner and/or installer to notify the Health Authority when the system is ready for a final inspection. The owner or installer shall provide advanced notification for inspections, preferably 24 hours.
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