§ 36.022  DISABILITY.
   (A)   Under the State Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) provisions, any full-time or permanent part- time employee who is participating in the IMRF and who is disabled due to accident or sickness for  more than 30 days, may apply for a temporary disability benefit. This benefit amounts to 50% of the regular pay. However, it is necessary to have been under the IMRF program for one year prior to the date of disability.
   (B)   All other compensations for the employee must have ceased, including sick pay and vacation pay.
   (C)   The disability benefit will cease if the following occurs:
      (1)   The employee reaches the age of 65;
      (2)   A physician indicates the employee is able to return to work; or
      (3)   The employee has received benefits for a period equal to one-half his or her total service, or 30 months, whichever is the lesser.
   (D)   In all cases covered by the Worker’s Compensation Law, the employee shall only be paid the difference between the amount of weekly worker’s compensation benefit to which the employee would be entitled and the employee’s full weekly salary at the time of the disability.
(1980 Code, § 36.17)  (Sup. Rec. Bk.   , p. 181, adopted 4-24-1974)
   Worker’s compensation claims, see § 36.030
Statutory reference:
   Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, see ILCS Ch. 40, Act 5, §§ 7-101 et seq.
   Worker’s Compensation, see ILCS Ch. 820, Act 305, §§ 1 et seq.