(A)   Section 10 of Article VII of the Constitution of the state and the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1973 (ILCS Ch. 5, Act 220, §§ 1 et seq.) authorize units of local government to enter into intergovernmental cooperation agreements concerning matters of mutual concern.
   (B)   The city and the county share an overlapping constituency with several common interests including, but not limited to, public service, economic development and public safety.
   (C)   The corporate authorities of the city and the county have established an intergovernmental committee, known as the City-County Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from each entity so as to provide a forum and mechanism for communicating and addressing issues affecting the city and the county.
   (D)   The County Board hereby appoints the following County Board members as its representatives to the City-County Advisory Committee established by the intergovernmental cooperation agreement:
      (1)   Majority Leader:  member;
      (2)   Minority Leader:  member;
      (3)   Capital Improvements Committee Chairperson:  member;
      (4)   County Board member from District #8:  alternate; and
      (5)   County Board Chairperson:  alternate.
(Res. 10-70, passed 2-18-2010)