(A)   The County Board approves the establishment of an Advisory Committee for the use of County Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Funds. The Advisory Committee shall be comprised of nine members, the Chairperson of the County Board to serve as Chairperson and to make recommendations to the County Board.
   (B)   The Advisory Committee shall assist in studying the proposed uses of these block grant funds, and after their evaluation the Committee shall conduct public hearings concerning those in the areas requesting grants of the entitlement funds.
   (C)   The Community Development Block Grant Advisory Board Bylaws, as attached to Resolution 93-174, adopted July 15, 1993, are herefore adopted by reference as if fully set forth herein. Once adopted, these bylaws shall supersede any other formal or informal bylaws or operating policies of the Advisory Board, that might exist.
(1980 Code, § 33.60)  (Res. 81-233, adopted 12-17-1981; Res. 93-174, passed 7-15-1993)