(A)   The scope and responsibility of the office of Juvenile Services shall include the following:
      (1)   Assess existing programs and resources;
      (2)   Coordinate existing programs and resources and make them more available to the Juvenile Court and the Probation Department;
      (3)   Encourage and develop community programs which are remedial;
      (4)   Investigate and recommend preventative measures;
      (5)   Recommend facilities needed in the county based on statistical data, mandates and trends in state law, and cost accountability;
      (6)   Research grants and moneys for assistance in funding of programs; and
      (7)   Formulate a long-range program for the office of Juvenile Services.
   (B)   The County Board Chairperson shall appoint a 12-member advisory committee of responsible and interested persons (with a County Officers Committee member as a liaison member) who shall assist in development and will ensure continued community support and interest, thus guaranteeing a realistic approach to the needs of this county’s youth.
(1980 Code, § 33.41)  (Res. 81-169, adopted 9-24-1981)