TITLE ONE - Subdivision Regulations
         Chap. 1111.    General Provisions, Definitions and Penalty.
         Chap. 1113.    Procedures.
         Chap. 1115.    Subdivision Design Standards.
         Chap. 1117.    Required Improvements.
         Chap. 1119.    Storm Water Facilities.
   TITLE THREE - Zoning Code
         Chap. 1131.   General Provisions and Definitions.
         Chap. 1133   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1135.   Building and Zoning Board of Appeals.
         Chap. 1137.   Amendments.
         Chap. 1139.   Districts and Uses Generally; Zoning Map.
         Chap. 1141.   R-1 Single-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1143.   R-2 Single-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1145.   R-3 Single Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1147.   R-4 Multiple-Family Residence District.
         Chap. 1149.   B-1 Highway Commercial District.
         Chap. 1151.   B-2 Central Business District.
         Chap. 1152.   B-3 Office Commercial District.
         Chap. 1153.   I-1 Light Industrial District.
         Chap. 1155.   I-2 Heavy Industrial District.
         Chap. 1156.   WTTO Wireless Telecommunication Tower Overlay District.
         Chap. 1157.   Planned Unit Development.
         Chap. 1159.   Nonconforming Buildings and Uses.
         Chap. 1161.   Yard, Projection and Height Exceptions.
         Chap. 1163.   Off-Street Parking and Loading.
         Chap. 1165.   Billboards and Signs.
         Chap. 1167.   Swimming Pools.
         Chap. 1168.   Portable Toilets.
         Chap. 1169.   Satellite Dish Antennas.
         Chap. 1170.   Fences and Hedges.