(A)   Setup.
      (1)   Manufactured homes shall be set up in accordance with the standards established by the North Carolina Department of Insurance;
      (2)   All transportation lights and towing apparatus shall be removed.
   (B)   Roof.
      (1)   A roof shall have a minimum vertical rise of two feet for each 12 feet of horizontal run;
      (2)   A roof shall be shingled or metal construction.
   (C)   Siding.
      (1)   Wood, hardwood, aluminum, or vinyl comparable in composition, appearance, and durability to the exterior siding common in standard residential construction; 
      (2)   In no case shall aluminum or vinyl siding exceed the reflectivity of glossy white paint.
   (D)   Skirting.
      (1)   Skirting shall be masonry or stucco and the reflectivity when painted shall in no case exceed that of glossy white paint;
      (2)   Skirting shall be continuous under all sides of the home except for required ventilation and access; 
      (3)   Skirting shall be installed no later than 60 days after the set-up of the home.
(Am. Ord. passed 9-14-2016)