(A)   Each residential customer will be provided with a 96-gallon roll out cart by the town. Implementation will be done according to a schedule prepared by the Public Works Director, recommended by the Town Manager and approved by the Town Council.
   (B)   The Public Works Director may exempt customers from using the 96-gallon roll out carts if requiring use causes a hardship related to a topographic site restriction or another similar type of hardship. Exemptions will be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Public Works Director and may be changed or amended at any time.
   (C)   Customers using the rollout cart may not fill the cart in a manner that the cart lid will not close tightly over the cart body or so full that the mechanical lifters mounted on refuse packers or sanitation workers cannot lift the cart. If the customer cannot comply with this requirement another rollout cart will be provided for them. The monthly fees will be assessed at the rate in the current schedule of fees at the time the cart is provided.
   (D)   Each 96-gallon rollout carts used in the residential garbage collection program are the property of the town and the town provides general maintenance for them at no cost to the resident. A replacement fee will be charged for rollout carts that are damaged, defaced or removed from the premises by the resident. The fee will be assessed according to the current schedule of fees.
   (E)   Trash and recycle rollout carts shall be used for the disposal of residential and approved commercial garbage only.
   (F)   Spilled materials or overflow caused by the property owner or occupant shall be cleaned up immediately after spillage or overflow occurs by the owner or occupant.
   (G)   Spilled solid waste materials caused by the town collection crew of the town's authorized collection agent shall be cleaned up immediately after spillage occurs by the crew.
   (H)   Rollout carts will be collected from the curbside provided they are easily accessible to collection personnel without having to unlock or open a door, unlock a gate or similar obstacle, or encounter a vicious animal. Town collection personnel shall not provide service if required to ascend or descend multiple steps to obtain access to rollout containers, or if denied reasonable access by parked vehicles, equipment or other objects. Additionally, the town waives liability for any property damage incurred during the collection of improperly placed rollout carts.
   (I)   Garbage placed in rollout carts shall be wrapped, bagged or enclosed in paper or plastic material. Any liquid waste, such as grease, shall be sealed in its own separate container before being placed in the rollout container. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the customer being charged as stated in the current schedule of fees for the cleaning and/or replacement cost of their rollout cart.
   (J)   All potentially dangerous trash items and all waste material of a hazardous nature, such as broken glass, light bulbs, needles, and sharp pieces of metal, shall be securely wrapped to prevent injury to the collection crews. It is illegal to place fluorescent tubes in the landfill, therefore, refuse of this description will not be picked up the public works.
   (K)   Trash of a hollow or bulky nature shall be flattened out or broken up prior to depositing it in authorized containers.
   (M)   Request for additional rollout containers at the same property address shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Approval of additional container(s) shall be contingent upon an investigation by the town to determine whether an actual need exists. Owner or occupant will be charged a monthly fee for each cart as per the current schedule of fees.
(Ord. passed - - ; Am. Ord. 2018-13, passed 9-10-2018)