Sec. 44.  Additional miscellaneous powers of board of commissioners.
   That they shall have power to make ordinances to prohibit or control the firing of fire-arms, fire-crackers, torpedoes and other explosive material, and to govern the sale thereof in the town; the pace and speed at which horses may be ridden or driven through the streets; the speed at which railroad engines and trains shall run within the town limits; to prohibit said railroad from stopping their engines or cars on said streets, and to require said railroads to keep the street crossings in good repair; the manner in which powder and other explosive and inflammable substances may be kept and sold; the manner in which commercial fertilizers may be stored; the manner in which dogs and hogs may be kept, and to prevent them from running at large in said town; to cause all alleys, cellars, lots, privies, stables, sties and other places of like character to be examined by a sanitary policeman to be appointed for that purpose. It shall be their duty, on complaint, to cause, by their order, the sanitary policeman to have said places cleaned and the nuisance abated, and the said sanitary policeman, or any other person appointed by the board and charged with that duty, shall have authority to enter the premises described to be in bad order and inspect and have the same cleaned; and the expense of abating such nuisance shall be recovered from the occupant or owner of said premises by action of debt in any court having competent jurisdiction.