Sec. 43.  Fire companies; fire limits.
   That they may provide for the establishment, organization and equipment, government and pay of such number of fire companies as they shall deem necessary and proper. And in case of a fire occurring in said town, the mayor, or, in his absence, a majority of the commissioners who may be present, may order the blowing up or pulling down or destroying any house or houses deemed necessary to stop the progress of the fire, and no person shall be held liable, civilly or criminally, for acting in such case in obedience to such orders. They shall also have power to establish fire limits within said town within which it shall not be lawful for any person to erect or build any wooden house, make any wooden addition to any building or cover any building with any material other than metal or slate; they may prohibit wooden buildings from being removed from without into said fire limits, or from being removed from one place to another within the same, under such penalties as the board of commissioners may establish, and such penalty may be sued for and recovered from the owner in an action of debt in any court having jurisdiction.