Sec. 27.  Weighmaster; inspector; town engineer; town attorney.
   That the said board of commissioners may, in their discretion (as soon after their election as necessary), appoint a weighmaster, whose duty it shall be to weigh all merchantable commodities sold in said town; and an inspector, whose duty shall be to inspect all flour, provisions, forage, and all other marketable produce in said town in their judgment requiring weighing or inspecting. And the weighmaster and inspector so appointed shall give bond with approved security, payable to the Town of Wilkesboro, in an amount to be fixed by the board, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all duties imposed by law and the ordinances of the town; and shall take an oath before the mayor before entering upon their duties. And the board of commissioners shall have power to remove either of them for misbehavior or neglect or malpractice in office and appoint a successor, in his stead. And the board of commissioners are hereby authorized and empowered to regulate the fees to be paid for such weighing and inspection, and by whom to be paid; and to make all necessary ordinances for the government of said officers, and to impose fines and penalties for their violation. They may also appoint a town engineer, a town attorney and a sanitary policeman, and prescribe the duties of each and fix their compensation.