Sec. 21.  Duties of clerk.
   That the clerk shall have such reasonable salary as the commissioners may designate, and it shall be his duty to keep regular and fair minutes of the proceedings of the board, and to preserve all books, papers and other articles committed to his care during his continuance in office, and deliver them to his successor; and he shall receive and faithfully keep all moneys which shall be paid to him for the use and in behalf of said town, and disburse the same according to an order given in obedience to the directions of said board appearing on their minutes. He shall keep a fair and correct account of all moneys so received and disbursed by him in a book kept for that purpose, showing from what source money is received and for what purpose paid out, and shall submit said accounts to said board whenever required. He shall pay to his successor all moneys in his hands belonging to said town, and faithfully perform all duties imposed on him as clerk by the laws and ordinances of said board.