Sec. 19.  Same–Powers generally.
   That among the powers hereby conferred on the board of commissioners, they may borrow money or create a public debt by issuing bonds or otherwise, only after they have passed an ordinance by a two-thirds vote of the entire board at a regular meeting submitting the question of creating a debt to a vote of the people, and a majority of the qualified registered voters have voted in favor thereof. Thirty days notice shall be given of such an election in some newspaper published in Wilkesboro, at which election those who favor creating the debt shall vote “approved,” and those who oppose it shall vote “not approved.” The board may order a new registration of voters at any and at all such elections, if they deem it proper to do so. They may provide suitable town water works to supply all the necessities of the town’s public and private wants, and regulate toll for same; take all proper means to prevent and extinguish fires; regulate the markets; make regulations to cause the due observance of Sunday; to appoint and regulate a police force to execute such precepts as the mayor and others may lawfully issue to them, to preserve the peace and order of the town, and to execute the ordinances thereof; to suppress and remove nuisances; preserve the health of the town from contagious or infectious diseases; and may appoint and provide for the pay and prescribe the duties of all such other officers as may be deemed necessary.