TITLE ONE -    Administration
         Chap. 1103.    Unfair Housing Practices Prohibited.
         Chap. 1105.    Division of Building Engineering and Inspection.
         Chap. 1106 .   Grading and Draining.
         Chap. 1107.    Site and Grading Plans.
         Chap. 1108.    Tree Management. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1109.    Permits and Fees.
         Chap. 1112.    Registration of Contractors.
         Chap. 1113.    Licensing Plumbers.
         Chap. 1115.    Flood Damage Reduction.
         Chap. 1116.   Erosion and Sediment Control.
         Chap. 1117.   Comprehensive Storm Water Management.
         Chap. 1118.   Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control.
      TITLE THREE -    Technical Standards Adopted
         Chap. 1141.     Residential Building Code of Ohio for One, Two and Three-Family Dwellings.
         Chap. 1145.    National Electrical Code.
         Chap. 1147.   International Property Maintenance Code.
      TITLE FIVE -    Local Provisions
         Chap. 1151.    Fire Limits.
         Chap. 1153.    Construction Site Requirements.
         Chap. 1155.    Garbage Disposals.
         Chap. 1156.    Commercial Building Maintenance Code.
         Chap. 1157.    Swimming Pools.
         Chap. 1158.    Residential Building Maintenance Code.
         Chap. 1159.    Demolition of Unsafe Buildings.
         Chap. 1160.    Abandoned Buildings.
         Chap. 1161.    Signs.
         Chap. 1162.    Demolition of Structures in a Dangerous Condition.
         Chap. 1163.    Topsoil Removal.
         Chap. 1165.    Numbering Buildings.
         Chap. 1167.    Satellite Dish Earth Stations.
         Chap. 1169.    Wireless Communication Antennas and Towers.
         Chap. 1171.    Notice of Foreclosure and Registration of Vacant Structures and Buildings.
         Chap. 1173.    Wind Energy Conversion Systems.
         Chap. 1175.    Vacant Property/Building Registration.