(A)   There is a Volunteer Fire Department providing services to the City. The Volunteer Fire Department shall be comprised of a Chief, Assistant Chief, Secretary, Treasurer and Board of Trustees. The Constitution and bylaws of the Department shall be adopted by the Department and the Board of Trustees and shall be forwarded to the City Council for filing.
   (B)   The Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department, or an individual under the Chief’s command, shall present a report, oral or written, to the City Council at each monthly meeting. The report shall include information as to the number of responses by the Department, the addition or reduction in membership, and the financial and other needs of the Department.
   (C)   The Trustees, who are required by law to monitor and administer the retirement fund for the department, shall provide the City Council with periodic reports as to the financial health of any established retirement fund, and make requests of the City, as necessary, to maintain the retirement fund in a “soundly funded” condition.