Water and sewer tap-on fees, unless exempted by this chapter or Chapter 52, shall be paid prior to using the town’s services. These fees, as established from time to time by the Board of Commissioners, shall be based on the number of structures served by the connection.
(1983 Code, § 17-3) (Res. passed 11-24-1961; Am. Ord. passed 1-27-1962; Am. Ord. passed 11-3-1967; Am. Motion passed 8-4-1970; Am. Ord. passed 10-6-1970; Am. Res. passed 2-1-1972; Am. Ord. passed 3-6-1973; Am. Res. passed 7-7-1975; Am. Ord. passed 3-5-1985; Am. Motion passed 3-13-2007; Am. Motion passed 8-13-2013; Am. Ord. 2014-01, passed 11-12-2013)
Statutory reference:
   Connection charges, see G.S. § 160A-317