Here are the steps that you will need to complete to certify your vehicle for operation on public roadways:
   (a)   In order to have your vehicle properly inspected, you will need to contact the West Unity Police Department.
Inspection appointments with WUPD can be scheduled by making contact and setting up and appoint date and time. Each scheduled appointment will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete.
      Inspection days and times with WUPD are subject to change.
      West Unity Police Department: (419) 924-2271   
   (b)   This is first step in legalizing your vehicle for operation on a roadway. (Written documentation showing State Minimum Liability Insurance coverage on the under-speed or low-speed vehicle must be shown at the time of the inspection). Once all inspection requirements have been met, you will be given a completed Certificate of Inspection.
   (c)   You will take your Inspection Certificate, Proof of Insurance and Proof of Ownership to the Title Office of your choice. Once they have verified that everything is in order, they will issue you a Certificate of Title.
   (d)   Finally, you will need to take the above items to a Deputy Registrar where they will verify you have    completed the above steps and then you will be issued the license plates for your under-speed or low-speed vehicle.
      (Ord. 2023-05. Passed 9-14-23.)