(a)   The Village Zoning Inspector shall examine or cause to be examined every building, structure or portion thereof reported as or believed to be an unsafe building as defined in Section 1311.01(b).  He shall give, or cause to be given, written notice (hereinafter referred to as the “notice”) to the owner of record, including any purchasers under a recorded land contract and to the persons occupying any building if they are not the owners thereof.
   (b)   The notice shall specifically state the defects that caused the building, structure or portion thereof to be unsafe.  The notice shall further state that within thirty days of the notice the work shall commence to either make the repairs or improvements or to demolish and remove the building, structure or portion thereof, which work shall be completed within 120 days of the notice.  The work shall not be deemed as completed unless and until the premises is in a clean, safe and sanitary condition as determined by the Village Zoning Inspector.
   (c)   In case of an emergency, as determined by Village Council, making immediate repairs or demolition necessary, the Village Council may authorize the Village Zoning Inspector to order the repairs or demolition to be made within a shorter period of time.
   (d)   Notice may also require the building or portion thereof to be vacated forthwith by the occupants thereof.  Notice shall also be served to lienholders in accordance with Ohio R.C. 715.26.
(Ord. 2005-13.  Passed 1-26-06.)