The following acts, among others, are declared to be loud, disturbing and unnecessary noises in violation of this chapter, but the enumeration shall not be exclusive, namely:
   (A)   Horns, signaling devices, and the like.
      (1)   The sounding of any horn or signaling device on any automobile, motorcycle, street car or other vehicle on any street or public place of the town, except as a danger warning; the creation by means of any signaling device of any unreasonably loud or harsh sound; and the sounding of any device for an unnecessary and unreasonable period of time; and
      (2)   The use of any signaling device except one operated by hand or electricity; the use of any horn, whistle or other device operated by engine exhaust; and the use of any signaling device when traffic is for any reason held up.
   (B)   Radios, phonographs, and the like.
      (1)   The using, operating or permitting to be played, used or operated any radio receiving set, musical instrument, phonograph or other machine or device for the producing or reproducing of sound in such a manner as to disturb the peace, quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants or at any time with louder volume than is necessary for convenient hearing for the person or persons who are in the room, vehicle or chamber in which the machine or device is operated and who are voluntary listeners thereto; and
      (2)   The operation of any set, instrument, phonograph, machine or device in such a manner as to the keeping of any animal or bird which by causing frequent or long continued noise shall disturb the comfort or repose of any persons in the vicinity.
   (C)   Loud speaker, amplifiers for advertising. The using, operating or permitting to be played/used, or operated of any radio receiving set, musical instrument, phonograph, loud speaker, sound amplifier or other machine or device for the producing or reproducing of sound which is cast upon the public streets for the purpose of commercial advertising or attracting the attention of the public to any building or of any persons in the vicinity;
   (D)   Steam whistles. The blowing of any locomotive steam whistle or steam whistle attached to any stationary boiler except to give notice of the time to begin or stop work or as a warning of fire or danger, or upon request loud or explosive noises therefrom;
   (E)   Defect in vehicle or load. The use of any automobile, motorcycle or vehicle so out of repair, so loaded or in the manner as to create loud and unnecessary grating, grinding, rattling or other noise;
   (F)   Yelling, shouting and the like. Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing on the public streets, particularly between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. or at any time or place so as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort of persons in any office, or in any dwelling, hotel or other type of residence, or of any persons in the vicinity;
   (G)   Loading, unloading, opening boxes. The creation of a loud and excessive noise in connection with loading or unloading any vehicle or the opening and destruction of bales, boxes, crates and containers;
   (H)   Schools, courts, churches, hospitals. The creation of any excessive noise on any street adjacent to any school, institution of learning, church or court while the same are in use, or adjacent to any hospital, which unreasonably interferes with the working of the institution, or which disturbs or unduly annoys patients in the hospital, provided conspicuous signs are displayed in the streets indicating that the same is a school, hospital, court or street;
   (I)   Hawkers, peddlers. The shouting and crying of peddlers, hawkers and vendors which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood;
   (J)   Drums. The use of any drum or other instrument or device for the purpose of attracting attention creation of noise to any performance, show or sale;
   (K)   Metal rails, pillars and columns, transportation thereof. The transportation of rails, pillars, or columns of iron, steel or other material, over and along streets and other public places upon carts, drays, cars, trucks or in any other manner so loaded as to cause loud noises or as to disturb the peace and quiet of the streets or other public places; and
   (L)   Pile drivers, hammers, and the like. The operation between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of any pile driver, steam shovel, pneumatic hammer, derrick, steam or electric hoist or other appliance, the use of which is attended by loud or unusual noise.
(Art. 9, passed - -)  Penalty, see § 95.99