(A)   Definition.  For the purpose of this section, the following definition shall apply unless the context indicates or requires a different meaning.
      PUBLIC PLACE.  Any and all boulevards, avenues, lanes, alleys or other public ways, parks, squares, spaces, plazas, grounds and buildings frequented by the general public, whether publicly or privately owned.
   (B)   Transporting contents.  Any person who transports in any vehicle or in any other manner upon any public place any loose materials or articles likely to shift, fall, spill or be blown upon the public place shall not overload the vehicle and shall cover the contents or shall convey the contents in tightly secured to covered boxes or containers. In case any of the contents thereof shall be blown, spilled, fall or become scattered in any public place, the person shall cause all fallen substances to be immediately gathered up and removed. It shall be a violation of this section to cause or allow the loose material or articles to be blown, spilled, fall or become scattered upon public places.
(Ord. passed - -)  Penalty, see § 92.99