(A)   Forms. Applications for zoning requests are made to the Zoning Administrator upon forms provided by the city.
(2001 Code, § 1020.01)
   (B)   Payment of fees.
      (1)   The fees required for zoning requests must be paid to the Zoning Administrator and must be submitted with the application.
      (2)   No application will be considered complete without payment of the fee.
(2001 Code, § 1020.03)
   (C)   Deposit of planner’s and attorney’s fees.
      (1)   At the time the application is submitted, applicants must deposit a fee for the City Planner and City Attorney, pursuant to § 153.034(B).
      (2)   The deposit will be a credit toward all reasonable fees and expenses charged by the City Planner and the City Attorney to investigate and make a recommendation to the City Council concerning the application. The applicant must pay all reasonable expenses and fees in excess of the deposit within 30 days of final action on the matter by the city.
      (3)   The city will return any excess amount to the applicant upon final action.
(2001 Code, § 1020.05)
   (D)   Fees. The following fees and deposits apply to zoning requests:
Zoning Request
Conditional use permit
$275 Residential
$275 Commercial
$400 Residential
$800 Commercial
Interim use permit
No deposit
Proposed preliminary plat
$600 for 1–2 lots
$1,600 for 3 or more lots
Zoning Ordinance Text or Map Amendment
Special meetings of the Planning Commission
No deposit
Site plan approval
Vacation of rights-of-way
No deposit
$100 Residential
$400 Single
$500 Multiple variances
$200 Commercial
$600 Single
$700 Multiple variances
Zoning Letter
$75 Standard Letter
$150 Detailed Letter
No deposit