§ 153.034  FEES.
   (A)   Generally. The fees to be paid for each zoning application shall be as prescribed by the City Council in § 34.03. Fees shall be payable at the time applications are filed with the Zoning Administrator and are not refundable unless application is withdrawn prior to legal publication and notice. There shall be no fee in the case of applications filed in the public interest by City Council or by the Planning Commission. Fees shall include application fees, filing fees, consultant, legal, planning and engineering fees.
   (B)   Escrow payment. All reasonable expenses and fees in excess of the deposit, shall be paid by the applicant to the city within 30 days of final action on the matter by the city. If not paid within 30 days, the account shall be deemed delinquent. If the fees and expenses incurred by the city from any consultant and Attorney are less than the amount on deposit, the excess shall be returned to the applicant following final action by the city in the matter.
   (C)   Application agreement. The application shall contain a provision wherein the applicant agrees to pay all reasonable fees and expenses incurred by the city from the city’s consultants’ investigation, report and recommendation, concerning the land use matter.