(A)   Not more than 50% of the lot area shall be occupied by buildings.
   (B)   No structure shall exceed 45 feet in height except as provided in § 153.009.
   (C)   Screening: any use in the I-1 Light Industrial District shall effectively screen any open storage from eye level vision from any abutting property line by providing a fence or 30-foot wide planting strip to screen and reduce noise, dust and vision. The fence or planting strip must comply with § 153.031(D)(4). The fence screening shall comply with the fence regulations in § 153.381.
   (D)   The following minimum requirements shall be observed subject to the additional requirements, exceptions and modifications as set forth elsewhere in this chapter:
      (1)   Lot area: one acre; and
      (2)   Lot width: 100 feet.
   (E)   Whenever an I-1 Light Industrial District is across the street from an R District the front or side yard adjacent to the street shall have a minimum depth of 100 feet.
   (F)   Whenever an I-1 Light Industrial District abuts an R District along the side or rear lot lines that are adjacent to another lot or lots the side yards and/or rear yard depth shall be a minimum of 50 feet.
   (G)   Maximum building coverage in the I-1 District shall be 50%.
(Ord. 11-13, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963)