(A)   Height limitations set forth elsewhere in this chapter shall be increased 50% when applied to the following structures:
      (1)   Belfries;
      (2)   Chimneys and smokestacks;
      (3)   Church spires;
      (4)   Cooling towers;
      (5)   Cupolas and domes which do not contain useable space;
      (6)   Parapet walls extending not more than three feet above the limiting height of the building; and
      (7)   Radio and television antennas, but in no case shall the height limit exceed 65 feet. Radio and television antennas are subject to the provisions in § 153.395.
   (B)   Height limitations set forth in this chapter may be increased 100% when applied to flag poles.
   (C)   In the R-3 and R-4 Districts, the maximum height applied to flag poles and radio and television antennas, shall be 50 feet or twice the height of the principal building, whichever is greater, but in no case shall the height limit exceed 65 feet.
   (D)   On any lot sloping down-hill from the street, if that portion of the lot to be occupied by the main building has an average ground slope of 25% or more (measured in the general direction of the side lot lines), then an additional 12 feet of height may be permitted in the main building as long as the lowest floor is not less than ten feet below the average established property line grades along the front of the lot. The floor of the basement shall be considered the lowest floor.
   (E)   Municipal and school structures shall be exempted from the height limitations set forth in this chapter.
   (F)   Antenna towers for telecommunications and personal wireless services shall not exceed 170 feet in height, including antenna attachments, as provided in § 153.397.
(Ord. passed 10-11-1963)