Within the B-5, Gateway North Mixed Use District, no structure or land shall be used for the following uses, except by conditional use permit:
   (A)   Accessory structures;
   (B)   Private garages, provided:
      (1)   Principal use of the property is mixed-use;
      (2)   Property includes owner occupied residential unit;
      (3)   Structure meets the provisions of § 153.380. In addition metal framing and metal roofing is not allowed; and
      (4)   Carport structures must be secured to a cement slab or footing.
   (C)   Funeral homes and mortuaries;
   (D)   Dental or medical office or clinic;
   (E)   Mixed-use residential/commercial;
   (F)   Museums, art galleries, theaters;
   (G)   On-sale liquor establishments;
   (H)   Outdoor seating, provided it complies with the requirements of § 153.156(G);
   (I)   R-3 and R-4 residential dwelling units;
   (J)   Veterinary establishments limited to domestic animals and conducted entirely within a building;
   (K)   Offices of a general nature, other than medical or dental, where the employment within the building does not exceed 50 persons and the operations do not include retail sales or warehousing on the site;
   (L)   Elderly community education center, provided that it is located in a building that contains a civic or community center or a multifamily elderly residential housing facility;
   (M)   Retirement homes, provided that the site shall contain not less than 3,500 square feet of lot area per dwelling unit.
      (1)   Parking facilities shall be equal to one space for each dwelling unit and proof of the availability of one additional space per unit.
      (2)   All parking facilities in this section shall comply with §§ 153.345 et seq.
   (N)   Off-street parking;
   (O)   Drive-through lanes, provided they meet the conditions in § 153.156(D); or
   (P)   Discount stores.
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