§ 153.170  PERMITTED USES.
   Within the B-3 General Business District, no structure or land shall be used, except for one or more of the following uses, or uses deemed similar by the City Council:
   (A)   Any permitted use regulated in the B-2 District, § 153.155, but not limited in scale to serving residents of the surrounding area; and/or
   (B)   The following retail sales and service businesses:
      (1)   Boats and marine sales when conducted entirely within a building;
      (2)   Dance studio;
      (3)   Diaper or hand laundry services, provided not more than ten persons are employed;
      (4)   Furniture sales;
      (5)   Garden supply store, provided it is conducted entirely within an enclosed structure;
      (6)   Golf courses, public or private;
      (7)   Health club;
      (8)   Locksmith;
      (9)   Motels, motor hotels and hotels, provided the site contains not less than 600 square feet of area per unit;
      (10)   Newspaper and publishing office;
      (11)   Office buildings, other than medical or dental, with more than 50 employees who work inside the building;
      (12)   Optical and jewelry manufacturing provided the operation is not located within the front 60 feet of the first floor;
      (13)   Pet care facility provided the operation shall not include the boarding of domestic animals on the site, the maintaining of pens or cages outside of the building or the operating so as to cause an offensive odor or noise. See §§ 153.325 and 153.326;
      (14)   Photographic supplies and processing of film and prints;
      (15)   Printing shop;
      (16)   Radio and television repair;
      (17)   Rugs and floor covering sales;
      (18)   Seat cover, upholstery or drapery shop;
      (19)   Swimming pools, public;
      (20)   Wholesale office and showroom; and/or
      (21)    Music studio; and/or
      (22)   Automobile accessory stores, as regulated in § 153.382.
(Ord. 99-03, passed - -; Ord. passed 10-11-1963; Ord. 19-24, passed 12-9-2019)